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Raccoons are one of the stronger nuisance animals dealt with in the Austin Metro Area. This, along with their high intelligence and superb climbing abilities means that they are also capable of doing the most damage to homes and roofs. 

racoon in GV.jpg

In addition to putting holes in roofs, raccoons frequently utilize vents on the sides or roofs of homes to enter attics, often destroying them in the process.

raccoon damage 3.jpg

Besides the damage they do to enter your home, raccoons often cause more damage to the interior of your attic including the destruction of ac ducts and insulation as well as the tearing of electrical lines which can be a fire hazard.

raccoon w cubs.jpg

In most cases when a raccoon has taken up residence in an attic or inside a chimney, it is a female that is seeking a good place to give birth and raise its pups. Female raccoons have a strong denning instinct when they are pregnant and instinctively seek out enclosed safe areas. Breeding season is generally between February and March meaning most liters are usually born between April and May.

racoon family 2.jpg

Although raccoons usually shy away from confrontations with humans, females with young can be quite aggressive and will fight to protect their families if they feel threatened so extra precautions should be taken when approaching them.

raccoon family 1.jpg

Infant raccoons, called "kits" are born blind and rely on their mothers for survival during the first few months. Trapping of the mother alone will result in the death of the kits usually in the attic, ac ducts or in a wall.

CLEAN UP 6.jpg

Besides carrying fleas, ticks and lice, raccoons can also be carriers of roundworms, tapeworms, tuberculosis, mange, tetanus, distemper and rabies. In fact almost 40% of reported rabies cases occur in raccoons. Raccoons can also carry bacteria such as Leptospirosis, Listeriosis, Tularemia and Baylisascaris procyonis which can be transmitted to humans and their pets through a raccoons feces and urine.

Fortunately raccoons are one of the easier animals to trap. Their inquisitive nature and endless appetite usually means we can have a raccoon removed fairly quickly.

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